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With Edukko, accessing personalized learning has never been easier. Get the support you need with top educators, anywhere you are.

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Standardized teaching is old school. Edukko brings you a full suite of personalized learning programs.

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Adaptive Tutoring
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Adaptive Tutoring

Identify your goals and you will be matched with the most qualified educator to help you succeed. Whether you missed a class or need exam prep, your dedicated educator is a click away.

Covered curricula: GCSE / A level / IB / National Curriculum.

Student Mentorship
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Student Mentorship

Are you eager to go to the institution of your dreams but unsure where to start? From application to interview preparation, your dedicated Edukko Success Manager will give you all-inclusive assistance on your journey to enroll in college.

School Counseling
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School Counseling

Be prepared for success with confidence! Access a team of expert counselors and psychologists to guide you through different curricula for all ages, including British, American, PYP, Montessori and more.

Global Certification
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Global Certification Program

Open the doors to countless opportunities by acing internationally recognized tests, including the TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, DILF/DELF/DALF, TestDaF, and more!

Whether you are looking to study abroad, immigrate or explore the world, you will get the support and guidance you need every step of the way.

Educator Training
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Educator Training Program

Empowering students begins with empowering educators. Hone your skills and knowledge needed as an educator for today’s classroom, with a set of courses developed by experts.

Corporate Training
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Corporate Training Program

In a rapidly changing world, stay one step ahead and stand out, with the opportunity to learn and develop new skills. Take specialized courses that are catered to your needs to achieve career advancement, increase job satisfaction, and grow your income.

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Trusted by a global community of parents and students

“I don't have any idea regarding IELTS and it is one of the requirements needed for my application in Canada. I am so thankful for EDUKKO for giving me knowledge and free training. The session was not boring at all and I really enjoyed it. Kuddos Edukko and looking forward for next free sessions. God bless.”

Kevin Khriz Ngaya

“Excellent Solution and Content, amazing teachers and the best part is it solves the major issue of finding good educators.”


“Edukko is extremely easy to use and very feasible. I feel like it makes organizing tuition sessions easy and there are tutors from a wide variety of subjects and curriculums. Definitely recommend. ”

Zahra Khosravi

“Took some online classes with them. Teachers are very professional, attentive and qualified. Payment is also easy in their website. Highly recommended, will probably take some more classes too. ”

Professional instructors

“I needed private lessons in maths for my daughter and I am really satisfied. The teacher was very professional, it was really easy to access the lesson with the website. Added value: hassle free to book a teacher and to track. ”


“Amazing tutors, very very helpful and explain complex problems in simple ways in order to better understand them. I would definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone and will always be my first choice for finding remarkable tutors. ”

Nayyara Mirdad

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Join us on our journey to transform education and inspire the next generation's passion for learning. Let's work together to ensure that learners around the world have access to quality education.

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Transform education and inspire the next generation's passion for learning. Let's work together to ensure that learners around the world have access to quality education. If you’re a passionate teacher looking to make a change, we’re looking for you!

Become students

Add to your professional experience and income, by helping students to enroll in the university of their dreams, or represent your academic institution and guide students through their application process there.

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Support students beyond their academic needs, by advising them on career choices and interpersonal development to ensure a bright future in today’s competitive world.

Become trainer

Support teachers in refining their abilities and attaining the development necessary to make a difference in today’s classrooms. If you’re a certified trainer who is passionate about education, we’re looking for you!

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